This is a love story.

(Just wanted to be clear. That way if you’d rather not hear a love story, you can know right away and not waste precious life minutes with me doing this. Your choice.)

Anyway, like I was saying…this is a love story.

My FAVORITE kind of love story – the love at first sight and instant attraction kind. It’s about magnet and steel…and impervious silver cords!


I had decided not to date for awhile when I met my husband. And I really didn’t date until he finally called me. It was a month after the day we first met.

The Day We Met

I was attending a local junior college and working at Hastings. I was studying paralegalism and had a roommate/co-worker that was one semester ahead of me. We found ourselves both home one day and decided on lunch at a well-known Mexican restaurant, Casa Olé. He was my waiter. He smiled and cracked jokes and laughed. He seemed genuinely nice, something I hadn’t seen that much in guys I’d dated. Impulsively, I left a note with my phone number on the back of a free video rental coupon from Hastings…and forgot all about it.

The Day We Connected

Until the day I came home to a message on my answering machine from some nameless guy who wondered if I remembered him. I did. We talked for hours when he returned my call returning his call. It was fate!

The First (and Only) Date

We made plans to hang out a few days later. It was a typical date, really. Red Lobster, a walk around a pond, wine coolers & MTV, talking into the night.

It’s hard to explain how love happens, where it comes from. Seems to start as a little light, a flickering ember. The flame gets stronger, the heat grows. Suddenly, sparks fly and you worry that you’ll be burned up, consumed. Risking everything, you jump into the fire. And give yourself over to love. Our first date turned into a lifetime!

The Night That Changed My Life

He told me that I didn’t have to go home, ever…so I didn’t. Two weeks later he proposed in front of friends, and I happily accepted. We married one month later on a frigid Sunday afternoon in January.


And we made promises to one another. We smiled and looked into each other’s eyes and vowed our hearts forever. I meant every word!

Don’t think I really understood what I was promising to do though. I failed pretty consistently for the first few years. He didn’t do much better. There have been dark times. But promises keep you from giving up or getting tired…love can heal. You can be stronger together.


So to all you out there still listening, I guess I just want to tell you not to give up! Love is worth finding and keeping and even fighting for. Be a true team as you face the challenges of marriage and family life! Continue to pursue your partner and be sure to support one another in goals and interests. Love well!

And to my love, you know who you are…

Twenty-five years later, I’m still so glad I married you.

Until next time,


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