My Cheap {Organizational} Secret

So I have this organizational tool that seems to consistently work for me. It’s simple. Ok, I’ll share!

(And maybe you do this or some form of it already and you won’t be dazzled. If that ends up being the case, I thank you in advance for reading to the end.)

Ready to hear my cheap secret? First, let me tell you something about me you should know…I am the Queen of Lists! Seriously. I’ve got one for everything and lots more! Lists keep my brain unclogged, free to enjoy life’s experiences more.

birth list

My cheap organizational secret is…SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS!

Spiral notebooks make list-making easy and versatile. I basically have a spiral notebook for each area in life I want to keep separate and organized. I have three lists I maintain concurrently: HOUSEHOLD, HOMESCHOOL, and BUSINESS.

Yes, sometimes things overlap. And if something starts to clog the list I can add another, separate notebook for it. If you’d rather keep it tighter, a larger spiral notebook with dividers to organize your lists would work well too.

You can be as creative or as basic as you like with this. Honestly, I buy my wide-ruled 70 sheet notebooks at the grocery store for 17 cents during back to school. That very small investment has reaped rewards. The memories are sweet as I glance back through my most recently completed book. Seven years worth of life on paper. Accomplishments and failures, parties and memorials, budgets, camping lists, projects, charts, plans, doodles, and check marks.


Tomorrow begins a new, fresh list. Unknown to do’s to come. Ready or not!

Until next time,


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