That 70’s Basement

Basements. Not really where you wanna give birth, right?

But lots of us do it everyday. Allow me to explain.

I’ve been hanging out in the cornfields of Iowa this month. Slowly soaking in the nature and attitude of the Midwest. Unlike DFW, a lot of folks here live with basements. Basements are interesting places. They’re dark and cozy, yet kinda creepy and chilly. It’s a great place to hang out and play Super Mario Bros. for hours or build a fort…and then defend it. It’s not topping anyone’s list of ideal birthing places though. And here’s why…

Can you hear me now?

That 70’s basement is awesome for hanging out with friends. No one upstairs is going to be bothered by loud music or video game tournaments. But they’re also not likely to hear your urgent plea for toilet paper when you’re stuck in the super creepy basement bathroom. You’re just screwed, dude.

Make sure you aren’t trapped in the basement by giving careful attention to your choice for a birthing place and who you hire to attend you there. Seek out providers that listen and respond to your questions respectfully. This is your birth. You deserve to be heard.

Clear the clutter!

That 70’s basement is a great place for storing all the crap that won’t fit upstairs too. It keeps your everyday life clear of clutter. It’s hidden there, sometimes neatly but mostly stacked in neglected piles. The basement becomes a vintage container of lost dreams, forgotten ideas, and mementos of days gone bye-bye.

But in birth you wouldn’t want a bunch of dusty old stuff piled around. You don’t want policy rooted in outdated research or archaic practices to hinder your wishes being heard and your choices being respected. Moving forward sometimes means coming to terms with where you’ve been too. You might need to face some fears and/or pain from past experiences. This is a good thing! Ensure that your birth is a space free of anything that does not serve you or your baby well by preparing ahead of time to clear the clutter!

Redesign it!

That 70’s basement has potential though. It’s just an awesome makeover away from a total rebirth. It has a strong foundation and good framework. It could be useful and welcoming! All it needs is a little time and someone with a vision for greatness.

Kick that 70’s theme basement to the curb! It’s your project, your birth. You are the designer. What does your ideal birth look like? How will you feel there? Who will support you on your journey? Ask yourself these questions and do not doubt your ability to transform your experience.

I’m ready to support your amazing birth! Proudly serving Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Irving, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

Until next time…


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