Kidzania Wins!

It’s one of my least favorite days.

Dread slowly creeps in as I clutch the debit card fearfully to my chest. This is really gonna hurt.

Kids’ dental exams!!

So there! Now you know my dirty little secret. I’m just your average American who hates and avoids the dentist! Always have.

But today it’s not about me. It’s about my kids and what’s best for them. And after a couple of interactions with the doctor and staff at Kidzania Pediatric Dentistry in Arlington, I’m thinking it’s there!

Dr. Sam is friendly and compassionate. He and his staff work tirelessly with you to determine¬†how you’re gonna afford to do what must be done¬†the best dental health choices for your situation. I feel such relief to have found a good match for my kids! If you’re shopping around, give Kidzania a try. I’m betting you’ll be glad you did.

And thank you, Dr. Sam, for planting a seed of hope in my heart. You win!

Maybe dentists aren’t so bad after all…


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