Sometimes You Say the F Word…and That’s OK!

In life we sometimes experience something so overwhelming to us that no other word will do. It just fits. It helps. It satisfies. It communicates.

Like in this scene from Planes, Trains & Automobiles. (If you don’t want to hear the F word nineteen times, don’t watch this video.)

We understand the depth of emotion he is feeling because of his choice of word…and that’s OK!

Recently I witnessed someone rely on the F word to get them through childbirth. I thought it was AMAZING! It silenced the room. Time stood still. With her birth team crowded around, she let it out! And it was all about HER experience at that moment…as it should be.


Later (after she did a phenomenal job birthing a baby) she tried to apologize. There was an audible pfffffftttttt and the whole room exploded in understanding laughter and reassuring smiles. It got your baby here, sweet mama! No one cares.

Everyone understands that sometimes you say the F word…and that’s OK!

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1 thought on “Sometimes You Say the F Word…and That’s OK!

  1. Your blog post makes sense to me, and I completely agree. Even spiritual people find themselves in situations where “harsh” words are used to express a feeling that couldn’t otherwise be conveyed in that moment. I’m glad this mother was able to do the work and deliver her baby!

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