Till There Was You

Till There Was You flower2

Till there was you…

I didn’t know I could be so happy and so afraid AT THE SAME TIME.

I didn’t realize my heart could grow in size.

I didn’t believe in miracles.

I doubted I could do the hard things.

It seemed like something was missing from my life.

Life was a lot quieter…and kinda boring.

I only worried about the dog.

I had lots more cargo space on payday…and money!

I only dreamed of having a blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty to call my own.

No one ever threw up or pooped on me.

I didn’t really comprehend how big the laundry pile could get.

I never woke up to someone staring creepily at me.

I didn’t realize I had super silent ninja skills…or that my breasts had superpowers.

I slept in.

I was a lot more spontaneous…and careless.

And till there was you I couldn’t understand that having a child didn’t mean life as I knew it would end, but that becoming a parent was the beginning of a new and different kind of journey.

Even though I’m still not completely confident I can tackle the unknown mountains ahead, I do know one thing– having you here with me means we’ve made it this far!

And that’s all I need to know.




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