The Birth of a Blog: How Starting a Blog is a Lot Like Childbirth

I do not want to start a blog. I do not want to worry about relevant content and meta tags. I do not want to use categories and plugins and sidebar ads.

But alas, I live in the modern era. There’s almost no avoiding it.

If I want clients and results and experiences and electricity, I’ll have to change my attitude about this…and fast.

This is reminding me of another hard choice I made fifteen or so years ago. The one that ended with me in a bloody mess holding what seemed like a slippery alien with blond hair.

June 26 2001 - Awestruck

But she was worth it. So were the others that followed.

So I’m giving up my freedom for the hope of another dream. Hope that my hard work and dedication will pay off. That what I do not fully understand now will be made clearer someday.

That there can be joy in this too.


Until next time…


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