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Five Reasons to Give Birth at a Birthing Center

Before I tell you the reasons why I think you should give birth at a birthing center – I’ll share with you why I chose it.

Honestly, I chose to give birth at a birthing center because I had coverage at the time that would pay for it. I had two previous successful home births with a midwife. I wasn’t really looking for anything new or different.

But, when you have three kids in diapers you do what you can to save a buck…or thousands. The struggle is real!

I’ll also mention that my birthing center birth was my longest (and last) birth of four. It wasn’t really all I had hoped it would be. You can read more about this birth here.

So, when I think about my birthing center experience I don’t get warm fuzzies, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love my birth.

And now, to back this statement up, I give you Five Reasons to Give Birth at a Birthing Center!

5 Reasons to Birth at a Birthing Center

1. They clean everything!

Seriously. This was particularly attractive coming from home birth.

2. You need to be at ease wherever you labor!

Focusing on my task seemed easier because I wasn’t at home. And because I wasn’t at the hospital I didn’t feel constantly interrupted.

3. It’s so homey!

I could mill around, eat when I wanted, go outside, etc.

4. Midwives are so patient.

No pesky exams or constant monitoring!

5. Most importantly, YOU choose how you want to labor and give birth!

Stand up, sit down, roll over, in the water – whatever floats your boat!

There are so many good reasons to choose a birthing center. Are you planning a birthing center birth soon? Congratulations!

I highly recommend anyone choosing a birthing center as their birth place seek out postpartum doula care for right after the baby comes. It is so comforting to go home and sleep in your own bed after giving birth and hear the sounds that your own home makes. Knowing that chores, meals, and care for siblings is arranged ahead of time will really ease your mind and allow you to focus on you and baby.

If you cannot get postpartum doula care, find a family member that is willing to help short term or a trusted friend with whom you can trade favors. This is important. Be proactive in caring for yourself!

Until next time…