You took the birth class…now what?

Well, now you need to plan your birth experience. There will be lots of questions about preferences and decisions to be made along the way…

How do you see your birth unfolding? Who is there? How are you coping? Who is caring for your partner? Will you need help with baby’s first latch? And so on….This is what doulas do! We help you answer all the questions about birth where you live, and then we support you in your choices at your birth. It’s an amazing relationship! So, instead of feeling overwhelmed, you could just hire a doula.

This week I met with some new parents and listened to them talk through their birth plans, dreams, and choices. They do not know what exactly is to come, but they have taken a birth class, surrounded themselves with a knowledgeable, compassionate BIRTH TEAM…and they are EXCITED about their birth.

And that is what excites me as a doula – seeing the connections happen with couples. The love is multiplying and joy is on the horizon! Build a birth team you can trust, enjoy your birth experience, and make beautiful, lasting memories with your loved ones!

Did you make a plan for birth? Were you sure of what you wanted? How did your birth go? I’d love to hear about it.

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