Build Your Birth Team in DFW

If you live in DFW or any urbanized area, then you’re no stranger to construction orange!

The delays, detours, and closures associated with growth are a frustrating and time-consuming byproduct of life in the city. But I confess to feeling more than a bit fascinated when I see a structure going up where once there was nothing but a possibility…

The new Epic Waters indoor waterpark is under construction right now in Grand Prairie, Texas. Our family is especially excited about it, as we live within walking distance and can see it on the horizon from our subdivision! We’ve watched it come together piece by piece over the months. I’m sure good design and effective planning have been essential to the construction project moving forward successfully. We can’t wait to celebrate at the grand opening festivities this fall!

Building a birth team requires good design and planning too. Your birth experience depends on it. This is why you should hire a doula for your birth in DFW! A doula can walk you through your choices, listen to your preferences, and offer wisdom and encouragement as you plan your birth. You want all that! Because birth is beautiful, but it’s also hard work.

Add a hardworking doula to your birth team, and you’ll enjoy these advantages and more:

→ information on local service providers and mother-friendly birthplace options

→ labor support for your birth using comfort measures and relaxation techniques you choose

→ assistance with breastfeeding

→ access to recommended community resources

→ an increased confidence, not just during labor, but after

→ increased chance of spontaneous childbirth

→ lower cesarean section rate

→ lower chance of medication during labor

→ faster labor

→ higher five-minute APGAR score for baby

→ less likely to have a vacuum or forceps delivery

→ a listening ear and encouraging voice for your birth journey

Piece by piece, block by block, one informed choice at a time – you can have an amazing birth experience! Design and plan yours today with the help of a doula! She is an important part of the construction of your community.

Until next time…


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