It Matters Where You Give Birth

Choose wisely

With the exception of an occasional driveway or side of the road birth, most women in our country give birth in a hospital, at home, or at a birthing center.

I’ve done all those…in that order. Did I plan it that way? Well, no.

My imagined first birth would consist of a warm, cozy haven created by myself, my husband, my midwife, and a close, encouraging friend. Working together, we’d bring this new life into the world before dinnertime!

My actual first birth was at an unfamiliar hospital with an on-call doctor I just met that day and a grouchy nurse. There may or may not be a very unflattering pic of me eating fried chicken afterwards. Not at all what I’d planned for myself!

Thankfully, my labor support team was there to help me have a positive birth experience, even if it wasn’t the birth I planned. More on that below!

The unexpected and unplanned will happen in birth. The best chance you have in accomplishing your ideal birth is to be educated about all your choices. And then choose wisely.

Knowledge is power! Want to know more?

Choices in Birth

According to Dr Sears, two requirements top the list for choosing a birth place: an atmosphere conducive to giving birth, and an attitude that birth is a normal healthy process most of the time. (from The Birth Book)

Choosing a Birth Setting for Childbirth from Childbirth Connection

Wherever you decide to give birth make sure to include a labor support person on your birth team! Below are just the documented benefits of hiring a doula. Couples find that doulas have an amazing impact on the birth and help not just mom, but her partner too. (from Why Hire a Doula?)

  • A doula can increase confidence in the woman, not just during labor, but after
  • A doula during labor increases breastfeeding rates at six weeks postpartum
  • Increases chances of spontaneous childbirth
  • Lower cesarean section rates
  • Lower chances of medication during labor
  • Faster labors
  • Higher five-minute APGAR scores in the infant
  • Less likely to have an instrumental (vacuum or forceps) delivery

Where you choose to give birth and who you invite into your birth as support are the most important choices that will be made as you prepare to give birth. I would love to be a part of your amazing journey. Contact me today!


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